Tentang Penulis

Dr. Jacknaim is a pen name for Dr. Muhamad Na'im B Ab Razak, M.D (USM). He is a Muslim Doctor graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia (2011) after five years of struggle in medical school (2006-2011) and currently working as medical officer in Emergency  and Trauma Department of  Hospital Lahad Datu, Sabah (July 2013-Present).

Previously completed his internship training in Hospital Tawau, Sabah (July 2011-July 2013) in department of Obstetric & Gynecology, Orthopedic, Surgery, Internal Medicine, Pediatric and Emergency & Trauma Medicine.

He is a searcher of the truth. He believes that there will always an answer for every questions arise. Even now, he's still searching for the Ultimate Truth through the never ending journey of faith.

For him, there is only one Absolute truth in this universe which always about the existence of the Almighty God. And yet, people still struggling in finding this absolute truth. Everybody has their own evidence to support their understanding about this absolute truth. The evidence appears to be correct and valid through their understanding and research. But somehow, when the evidences proven to be corrupted or invalid, then it will shake their faith hence leading to the ultimate way of finding this absolute truth. Soon, everybody will reach to that point if permitted by the Almighty God.

Any label wont work for him for he didn't give any bullshit to what people call him.  He is a sinner and impure. His principles of life is based on practicing the easiest and efficient method that has been proven by validated evidence. He's proudly admitting that he belongs to the Ahlul Sunnah Wal Jamaah's Islamic Sect but never put himself under any specific school of thought.

He is Ambitious in pursuing master program in emergency and traumatology medicine with special interest in cardiology, wilderness medicine, toxicology and pediatric emergency. He loves to spent his free time joining humanitarian missions, scuba diving, exploring nature, fishing, camping, writing and speaks as an amateur public speaker in motivation and comparative religion.

Currently, he's a PADI Scuba Dive Master and Instructor for Emergency First Responder Program. He enjoy every single moment of his life breathing with scuba apparatus and saying hello to the Nemos and Corals.

During his student time, he was very active in humanitarian mission and motivation. He was an ex high committee of “Kelas Peradaban Nabawi”, a group focussing in comparative religion and also one of the founder for “Medical Students Awareness Team; MESAT”, which actively conducting a humanitarian mission. In motivation, he was one of the founder and high committee of “Medical Student Facilitator Team:MSFT” which actively conduct motivation program for secondary school students in Kelantan.

He also studies Comparative Religion under Islamic Information and Services Foundation (IIS Foundation), Setiawangsa and others. Among his teachers includes Shah Kirit Kalkulal Govindji, Engku Fauzi, Lim Jooi Soon, Kamaruddin Abdullah, Amin Yaacob, Nuruddin Lemu, Bashir Mundi, Dr Zakir Naik and Yusuf Estes. Some of his articles on interfaith issues can be found scattered on the internet.

Apart from that, he also writes in his websites The Revolutionist and My Medical Notes and very enthusiastic in writing poems, short story, medicine and his life experience.